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Framed Signed Print Cardiff Pub Series Cow and Snuffers

LLandaff North’s Cow and Snuffers.  

No one is certain of how the Cow and Snuffers got its name, historical records have described the 205-year-old coach house built in the 19th century, and reveal that it once sat alongside the Merthyr-Cardiff canal. 

Indeed, the Cow and Snuffers has earned a place on a list of Britain’s ten most unusual pub names after a list was compiled by a tourism website www.iknow-uk.com after a survey of names for Britain’s 57,000 licensed premises.

The Cow and Snuffers came sixth!

Appropriately, a “ludicrous name contest” may have earned it its unconventional title, but ancient texts have also referred to it as the Red Cow.

Closed in 2004 and now converted into residential apartments, the Cow and Snuffers has few reminders of its past, but many of the Tudor effect frontage still remains.  This work is one of Christopher Langley’s most detailed pieces.

Made to order, your canvas print will be supplied post free, ready to hang, varnished and hand signed by Christopher Langley, complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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