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Newport Castle

Newport Castle  Sunset

This work is an oil painting impression of a sunset over Newport castle. The original in oil on board using a combination of palette knife and brush. Sold – signed limited prints available.

The demands of modern transport have almost squeezed this castle out of existence: most lies under roads, and only the east side survives, sandwiched between a road and a railway bridge.

However, what little remains is not without interest, and the best place from which to get an impression of its original grandeur is half-way across the adjacent bridge, from where its position right on the bank of the river Usk can best be appreciated. The projecting central tower with its water-gate or dock beneath is the dominant feature.

Flanking it are two octagonal towers with prominent spur buttresses. These mark the north and south end of the castle, from which a curtain wall ran westwards enclosing a roughly rectangular area. Outside the curtain wall was a deep moat which filled with sea water at high tide.



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