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Welsh artist Christopher Langley sells work at the Terra Nova Cafe.

The cafe on Roath Park Lake, the Terra Nova Cafe was opened by councillor Nigel Howells.  TS03-Serenoty3

The building has glass walls allowing panoramic views of the park, and solar panels and a special grass roof help the environmental credentials of the cafe. A number of Christopher Langley’s works have been displayed since 2014. He has sold a number of works to date.

The cafe serves roast dinners on a Sunday, after school meal deals and also give a discount on drinks for the over-65s.

Coun Nigel Howells said: “It has been an exciting project which I am sure will become an invaluable facility in the heart of the community. The café will provide a good quality of service and is value for money making it accessible to people of all ages.

“The design and structure of the new build has been well thought out and serves as an overall enhancement to the park.”

The new building is a joint project between Cardiff council and private investor Nic Lukaris.

He said: “The Council, architects and I came together and attempted to design a space that improved the existing building aesthetically but also introduced a wide range of new activities to the public.

“Roath Park is one of UK’s best parks so hopefully the development of the Terra Nova Café will further enhance the park and will be a great experience for all visitors”.

Christopher Langley said: ‘It is a privilege to be able to display my work at one of Cardiff’s premier cafes”. Terra Shite Feb16



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